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How Christmas became my favourite time of the year

Christmas is most peoples favourite time of the years, but it’s really only been mine for almost 6 years.

Obviously as a child it was, I loved it. The whole thing even the lead to Christmas. I loved being in plays at school and getting involved in the crafts you did for your parents (though mine was for grandparents), it was just magical but i loved it.

Though sadly this changed when I was about 9, at aged 9 I lost my Grandad, and this changed everything for me. My Grandad was my world, I grow up with my Nan and Grandad so as you can imagine this was like losing a parent. I’d lived with them since I was about 9 months old (I won’t go into details)

Over 10 years ago I meet my partner my best friend, my soul mate. we spent many Christmas rotating between his parents houses for dinner. but Christmas just was not the same. that was until I had my first born, Tyler, he changed everything and I went all out with decorations lights the works. it really was magical.

We spent 2 Christmas in our first home but it wasn’t until we brought our first house in 2016, that my love for Christmas really grew, we moved into our first house just days before Christmas, yes that’s right days. we manged to paint almost all the rooms and empty most of the boxes and even put decorations up and hold Christmas dinner here.

So this was was our first Christmas in our new house, from this picture you would have never of guess that just 2 days prior the house was empty and I’d been up for 2 days straight painting the house before we moved in.

This had been my dream for so long that i never thought it was going to happened, but with patience and a loving other half my dream finally came true.

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