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How do you do it?

“How do you do it?” It’s a question I get asked a lot by friends and family. And the answer is I really don’t know. I just do.

For those that do not know me, hello, I’m Anita, owner of Anance. I have a partner and I’m a mom to two wonderful boys. I also have a full-time job so my day is really hard to structure, by which I mean I plan (I have to!) what I’m doing for my business and on which days, but these rarely work out as my boys like to keep me on toes!

I have to say that working at home during lockdown has helped a lot as the ‘silly little things’ like washing and cleaning the house can all done during the week in breaks/lunch breaks, which means they don’t eat into family time as much. I love working from home but sadly this will end come September when my eldest returns to school.

Anyway, I digress…my day starts at around 5/6 a.m. depending on how much sleep I’ve had, and I have to try and creep out of bed as my little one loves holding my hair – if he wakes early then he’s grumpy and the structure of the day changes so:

5/6 am: wake up and get dressed, go downstairs, turn the TV on and work out or go for a run. I often can’t actually run as I’ve got new running trainers and they like to rip the back of my feet to shreds. Once I had blisters on top of blisters and couldn’t walk properly for days and I do not want that again as even having a shower was painful!

7 a.m.: I start my work (my job), which begins with running a report that takes forever and a day, so I stick the kettle on and prepare the boys’ milk. I make my partner a drink and go and wake them, then it’s back down and work ’till about 8:30 am

8:30 am is shower and get ready for the day. I love having a shower in the morning as it wakes me up…I’m pretty useless up until this point. I do my makeup and hair and then I begin to feel like me again!

9 am: I either go back to work or my eldest reads his book to me as that’s the rule here, he has to read a book before any TV, tablet or DS. However, if my youngest is at home he’s usually sat on my lap as he just won’t sit in living room. He just wants me with him, which I love, but trying to work and having him turning my swivel chair round as I do so is highly annoying, so he has to sit on my lap while I work.

And this how I stay until about 12ish when it’s time to feed one or both of them, so I prepare lunch and get back to work ’till 1pm and that’s when I take lunch!

1 pm: I prepare my lunch and take my little one to bed (this is on the days he’s not at nursery), and then I come back into my office and prepare some Anance work. This may be scheduling content if I’ve fallen behind or creating a new product or maybe an order, newsletter or blog. I love this time, it’s my time (not that I get much) before my eldest wants to play.

2 pm: I’m back in my office. Monday-Wednesday I will work until around 4/4:30, Thursdays 6:30, and Fridays I only work until 12pm…so Friday is a great day but there’s just so much to do as it’s such a short one. The beauty of working from home means if I’m short on hours I can making them up on the Saturday.

Then it’s dinner time, so myself or my partner make the children’s dinner and I tend to either take my laptop in the living room and work on Anance or I come back in the office, it all depends on my children really and how well behaved they are. I probably work till about 8ish and within this time I’ll have dinner (which my partner cooks) and then it’s bath time for the kids.

8 pm: My youngest’s bed time. I put him to bed and have an hour watching TV, cleaning the Hamsters out, feeding and changing their water. We’ve named them Fluffy and Snowy, they’re very cute. We have balls that we put them in but at the moment they keep escaping to have a little wander round the house.

9/9:30pm: is my eldest’s bedtime and I have to sit with him ’till he falls asleep holding his hand. He’s 5 and he’s never gotten out out this habit with one of us being with him. Me and my partner take it in turns.

10 pm/10:30 pm is my bedtime. I’m rarely downstairs past this point. I either go to sleep or I’m on social media which I’m trying to move away from, at least before bedtime anyway. I want to get into reading again on my kindle. I do love reading a good book!

Now this is not every day, and it may seem like I don’t have much to do with my children during the day, but they come in the office about every 20 minutes and ask me to help or play which I often do…but sometimes I have to say “no, mommy is working, I’ll play on my break”…or “it’s mommy, I’m hungry” and then I’ll have to make them a snack or grab a toy or something they can’t reach.

Each day is different, and whilst they drive me insane I’m grateful for the time I’ve had with them. I was always saying before all this lockdown that I don’t see my children enough and I hate that I feel torn between work and family but working from home has given me so much…I feel like this is what I want to do so it’s giving me a new lease of life and new motivation to drive me forward, working towards my dreams.


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